Stay ahead of the game with LexisNexis e-books.

Included with your purchase of our most popular print titles, the e-book format is designed to help you access the information you need, when you need it, wherever you are. Available across multiple platforms — from laptops to smartphones to e-readers — e-books include advanced functionality allowing you to highlight, annotate, save and synchronize. Helpful search tools, hyperlinks and cross-referencing functions ensure quick and easy access to key information.

E-books use a surprisingly low amount of memory and do not require you to be constantly connected to the Internet to access them. They are also compact and convenient and offer a paperless option for today’s modern eco-conscious office.

All these added benefits come at no extra cost to the standard print book. In fact, e-books look and act much like a print book, with the same familiar indexing and layout. Stay ahead of the game — download your copy today. For download instructions, please see the e-book FAQ.

Before you can read an e-book, you need an e-reader application for your computer or smartphone. For a list of suggestions, please see the e-book FAQ.

Accessible offline: Access your core reference resources, even without an Internet connection.

Truly portable: Store a range of your favourite resources on your iPad®/iPhone®/BlackBerry®/Android™ device and have them with you at all times.

Easy to Navigate: Navigate by contents, index, hyperlinks and keyword search, or store and sync bookmarks to your favourite sections for quick look-up.

New! Links to full text case law - access all cases cited in every e-book

New! Links to enhanced forms - access fillable forms from within the e-book

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